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Raghava Lawrence, Vishal Dismiss Sri Reddy’s Claims Of Harassment

Telugu actress Sri Reddy, who has accused Nani, AR Murugadoss, Raghava Lawrence of sexual misconduct, recently shared on Facebook that she is being forced to discontinue her #Tamilleaks and blamed Vishal, the president of the Tamil Film Producers Council, for it.

Sri Reddy raked up a controversy in April this year after she almost stripped in front of Hyderabad’s Telugu Chamber of Commerce building, the headquarters of the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA), to protest against the practice of casting couch in the Telugu film industry. Since then, she has released a list of names and alleged that she was sexually exploited. The list included the names of director AR Murugadoss, actors Srikanth, Raghava Lawrence, Nani, but they have all refuted Sri’s claims.

Now, the actress claimed that she has received threats from Vishal, who is reportedly acting on behalf of the actors and directors she has named.

A spokesperson for Vishal said that Sri’s claims are baseless. “Vishal has not had any contact with Sri Reddy. The claims are baseless,” the source said.

In one post, she alleged that actor Bellamkonda Srinivas acted as the middleman between Raghava Lawrence and her. Srinivas has strongly denied the claims, and said, “She is in search of fame and will do anything for it. There are so many families who have been destroyed by what she has done.”


Raghava Lawrence too dismissed Sri’s claims and denied even meeting the actress. “I have been speaking to the media non-stop about this since she announced my name. I have not been a part of the Telugu industry for the past five years as I have been busy with my own films. She is using my name for publicity, nothing more. The sad thing is, it is distracting everybody from the real issues affecting our country,” he said.

Nani has sent a legal notice to Sri Reddy, while AR Murugadoss is reportedly planning legal action as well.

The industry remains divided over Sri Reddy’s actions. It is eerily reminiscent of the time when singer Suchithra Karthik’s Twitter account was used to leak damaging videos and photos of celebrities.


Reddy said that she hopes to end the practice of casting couch with her methods. “These filmmakers do not look beyond skin show and need actresses from the north. Girls like me from the south, who audition for roles end up being their sex slaves,” she told Daily Thanthi.

She said that the path she took was wrong. “What I did was wrong. And I don’t want other girls to face the issues that I had to go through. These filmmakers used me and shattered my dream of becoming an actress. My personal life has gone for a toss as well. I want these criminals to be punished and will let the truth out. I have a few more names and will reveal them soon,” she said.


Image Courtesy: Navya Media