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Rajinikanth At The Rajkumar Memorial Inauguration


Actor Rajinikanth helped inaugurate the memorial for the late actor Rajkumar in Bengaluru recently, according to a report in the Times Of India. Speaking at the function, Rajinikanth said,”I have always looked up to him and the only person whose autograph I ever got was his. I have always learnt more by watching from his movies. I grew up watching him onscreen, and now even when I have grandchildren, I still continue to learn from the work he has left behind!”

He thanked the Karnataka state government for their effort in building the memorial and urged people to treat it as they would a temple. The Rajkumar memorial has been built at a cost of over 7 crores. It has an 800 seat open air auditorium, a bronze statue of Rajkumar and lavish gardens.