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Rajinikanth Says Vanakkam on Twitter

Rajinikanth At #Kamal60

Thanks to Rajinikanth, Twitter is now officially verified. Yes, the Superstar is finally on social media; and you can now follow him on his Twitter handle @SuperStarRajini. Honestly though, we are not a huge fan of these Rajinikanth jokes; so that’s exactly why we aren’t  telling you that today might as well go down in history as Twitter Day,  because the Superstar chose to create an account…on this not-so-blustery (but gray nevertheless) May evening.


Signing up on Twitter today at around 2.30 pm, Rajinikanth’s account had close to 10K followers within minutes – and after two hours, the number had reached a whopping 40K. According to the official press release, CA Media Digital’s first venture, Fluence, will manage Rajinikanth’s digital interests to further leverage his social presence. “I have always believed that my career graph is a miracle I owe my fans. I have been contemplating joining the social media platform for a while to connect with them, hear what they have to say and share my thoughts. Unfortunately, I never got around to it until now,” Rajinikanth said in the release, adding, “I decided to start with Twitter because I felt that the platform is abuzz with all the news and trends that happen across the globe and I’m told that this is where all the best Rajini one-liners are!”

Also, when the Superstar starts tweeting, it does merit a statement or two from Twitter themselves. And, Rishi Jaitly, Twitter India’s Marketing Director, didn’t disappoint, “this is truly an “only-on-Twitter” moment as Superstar Rajinikanth’s debut on Twitter also marks his entry in the digital space. We welcome him to Twitter, are happy to support his launch on the platform and look forward to watching him use our mobile service to engage in live, public conversations with fans and other icons around the world.” Another Twitter official added,  “This is unprecedented. We have never seen such a tizzy for anyone before. The count of followers for Mr Rajinikanth is increasing at the bat of an eyelid.”


And of course, this news report wouldn’t be complete without the Superstar’s first tweet: “Salutation to the Lord. Vaṇakkam aṉaivarukkum!! A big thank you to all my fans. Excited on this digital journey http://goo.gl/hyuvZx,” Rajinikanth said at 3.58 pm this evening.

The Superstar’s tweets can also be accessed by giving a missed call to 08067006666.