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Rajinikanth Thanks Japanese Fans Ahead of Muthu’s Re-Release in Tokyo

As Rajinikanth’s 1995 super hit Muthu – Oduru Magaraja is all set for its re-release in Tokyo on November 23, the actor released a video recently thanking Japanese fans and welcoming them to watch the film. Muthu has been restored in 4K and 5.1 CH surround, and its release will mark 20 years since its first screening in 1998 in Japan.


The one-minute video released by Rajini will circulate for promotions across Japanese TV and social media. It will also play at the start of every screening. It shows Rajini seated in front of his party logo placed with a poster of Muthu by his side. He says, “Muthu is a favorite film for many and I’m happy Japanese people like it. I know many have already seen it. More should see it now.”

AR Rahman, who composed the original soundtracks in mono-audio in 1995, has now taken up sound enhancements of 5.1 digital surround for the film. It’s taken the team nine weeks to restore the film’s print and audio. In his video, Rajini says, “I’m happy Kavithalayaa productions decided to upgrade the film to a 4K version, and that AR Rahman has done a beautiful job with the background score.”


Muthu was directed by KS Ravikumar, and produced under Kavithalayaa Productions. It starred Rajini as a loyal servant to a zamindar played by Sarath Babu. When they both fall in love with the same woman Ranganayaki, played by Meena, the zamindar’s uncle decides to conspire against him, only to reveal an old family secret.

Released in 1995 in India, Muthu became a cult-hit in Japan. It was dubbed and released in October 1998 as Muthu: The Dancing Maharaja, and earned Rajini his huge fan-base in the country. It was also the first non-Hollywood movie to release in 30 screens with a 250-seating each across Japan.

This time, Muthu will release in Tamil with Japanese subtitles, in over 25 screens with a 250-member seating in Tokyo.