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Rajinikanth Wishes Kamal Haasan Ahead Of General Elections

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Actor Rajinikanth wished Kamal Haasan and his party the Makkal Needhi Maiam ahead of the general elections.

The actor tweeted out saying, “I wish my friend & Makkal Needhi Maiam party leader Kamal Haasan who is going to contest in the Lok Sabha elections for the first time. His party is entering the second year, my hearty wishes for him to succeed him in his public life as well.”

Kamal Haasan responded too, and tweeted his thanks. He said,”Thanks my 40 years old friend. If good people stand with us, 40(40 seats) is easy, Tomorrow is ours.”

As the actor’s party enters the second year, there was a public meeting organized in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. Speaking at the event, Kamal Haasan revealed a broad outline of his party goals which includes ensuring people’s welfare, reclaiming the dignity of Tamil politics, removing casteism and irregularities in government machinery, promoting secularism, aiming for international standards in education, improving water availability and preserving the land, among others. “People’s welfare alone is MNM’s ideology,” he said.

The actor also denied the allegation on him saying that he is indirectly a supporter of BJP, as the opposition DMK terms his party as the BJP’s “B Team”. He said, “I am not BJP’s B Team, but Tamil Nadu’s A team. We shall win not just 40 seats but 60.” By 60 seats, Mr Haasan was referring to the 39 Tamil Nadu commands in the Lok Sabha and the 21 left vacant in the state assembly following the Madras High Court’s decision to uphold the disqualification of several AIADMK legislators loyal to TTK Dhinakaran.

Haasan also said that he doesn’t have much faith in the Mahagatbandhan or “Grand Alliance” formed by AIADMK government along with BJP and few other parties. He also criticised saying that the alliance will unravel and the parties will start switching sides and walk out from the alliance.

Kamal Haasan also called for the public to donate to his party, via the party website. “The money contributed to the party is an investment for the future of Tamil Nadu, and would be returned many times over,” he said. He said that the funds thus raised will be used to build a new Tamil Nadu, and asked the crowd that “Where do the other parties get their funds?” thus claiming that he is transparent.