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Rakhi Sawant On Arrest Warrant For Valimiki Remark: I Am Not Salman Khan

Rakhi Sawant, Bail

Rakhi Sawant was in no mood to mince words after being accused of insulting the sentiments of the Valmiki community by calling the sage a “murderer”. 

As per an ANI report, Sawant denied making any derogatory remarks and said, “I am not Salman Khan, I am Rakhi Sawant. You won’t get anything by putting charges on me. I am a simple girl who does social work and work in movies.” ANI reported that she was wearing a ‘Being Human’ t-shirt (a Salman Khan brand). 

Rakhi said that she was referencing something she had read in her childhood. “Just like Valmiki, who got changed from being a robber to a saint, Mika ji also has changed. It was just an example,” she said. 


An arrest warrant has been issued against the actress on the basis of complaints that she hurt the religious sentiments of the Valmiki community with her statements. Rakhi said she had not received any notice or warrant in this regard. “I too got to know from the media this morning that police is coming to arrest me, because allegedly I told something wrong against sage Valmiki. I respect him and Valmiki community a lot. I don’t know why I am being targeted,” she said. 

The actress has apologised to the community and said, “I want to apologise to all the Valmiki community brothers and sisters, if I have hurt their sentiment. But this wasn’t my intention.”