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Rakshit Shetty’s Avane Srimannarayana Is Inspired By Malgudi Days; All Set For A Countrywide Release


Starring Rakshit Shetty in the lead, Avane Srimannarayana titled Atade Srimannarayana in Telugu is an upcoming film being produced by the Pushkar Films banner by Pushkar Mallikarjuna and HK Prakash. Directed by debutant Sachin, the film is releasing across the country in five languages.

The film’s Telugu trailer was launched at a big event where the key members of the film’s crew had gathered. Speaking to the press at the occasion, the lead actor of the film Rakshit Shetty said, “I hope everyone loves the trailer! It took us a month to make this. The film is a labour of love and it took us three years to make it, so, I hope that our effort bears fruit.”

“This film is inspired by Shankar Nag’s Malgudi Days (based on RK Narayan’s work). The fictional South Indian town of Malgudi in the film is the kind that will have a pan India appeal. We set up around 19 sets for the film and over 90% was shot on the sets in Bengaluru. The rest was filmed in Bijapur and the northern parts of Karnataka. And it was when we started the film and released the first teaser that we thought we should give the film a pan India release,” Rakshit added.

The film’s Telugu trailer was launched by Nani. The producers, who were also present at the launch, said, “This was originally supposed to be a small budget movie. But the story and script really appealed to us, and we just went with it and did not compromise on anything.”

Director Sachin said, “Three years is a long time to work on a project. The film is a culmination of a lot of people’s hard work. I am excited for everyone to see it.”

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