Ram Gopal Varma, who is more often in the news for his outrageous statements and comments than his films, is once again at the centre of a controversy involving his frenemy – Pawan Kalyan. The filmmaker, after claiming responsibility for orchestrating the abuses PK faced by Sri Reddy on live television, RGV has resorted to apologising on Twitter and issuing further statements.

An apology and an elaborate statement involving producer Allu Aravind, RGV’s involvement to Sri Reddy’s whole rally against casting couch has shocked many.

Allu Aravind held a press conference on April 19 (Thursday), lashing out at RGV for his behaviour and instigating people in the industry.

According to The Hans India, Aravind said RGV was not ‘Krishnudu but Nikrushudu,’ who was out to damage the reputation of the entire Telugu film industry. He also added that he kept quiet all these days but after RGV admitted that he was behind Sri Reddy’s outbursts, he could no longer remain silent. He said that the Telugu film industry would constitute a redressal committee to look into the allegations of women workers and would take steps to ensure that justice was done to them.

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan, who rarely tweets, took to Twitter abusing those who abused his mother. Saying that he’s a son first before being an actor or politician, PK’s tweets, as cryptic as they look, might have been hinting towards RGV’s comments.

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