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Ram Gopal Varma Loses ‘Sarkar 3’ Copyright Infringement Case Against Nilesh Girkar

The Bombay High Court has ruled in favour of Nilesh Girkar in a copyright infringement case against Ram Gopal Varma over Sarkar 3. The court has ordered RGV to credit Girkar as the film’s writer, and pay him the promised compensation. Earlier this year, Girkar had filed a case against Varma alleging that he had not been paid the full compensation (Rs 6.2 lakh) for working in the film. He also said that he was not credited with writing the film’s story. 

After reviewing Girkar’s petition, the court directed Varma to settle all pending payments and also credit Girkar. Reportedly, a private screening was held to determine whether the film was indeed based on Girkar’s script.


Girkar’s lawyer Rahul Ajatshatru said, “After the screening, we made a comparison chart and filed it in court on March 24 as directed. The opposite party was given five weeks to submit their arguments against our claims, but they failed to give any response. Initially, the court was planning to give a stay order on the film, but later Varma’s lawyers agreed to give opening credits to my client apart from the monetary compensation.”

Sarkar 3 releases on May 12.