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‘God, Sex & Truth’ Controversy: Ram Gopal Varma To Sue TV9 Channel For Distorting Facts

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has announced that he is in the process of filing multiple lawsuits, including criminal charges, against Telugu news channel TV9. Taking to Twitter, RGV said that they have been misrepresenting news about him. The filmmaker spoke to the channel TV9 on February 17 with respect to the controversy around his film God, Sex & Truth.

The filmmaker also slammed BJP’s Tummalapalli Padma who, on air with the channel, said that the director ought to be ‘encountered’, a term used to describe killings by the police or the armed forces, in self-defence, when they encounter suspected gangsters or terrorists.

Last week, the Hyderabad Police questioned him about his film starring American adult star Mia Malkova. Reports stated that RGV had denied directing and producing the movie and that it was only the concept to which he’d contributed. The questioning came soon after RGV was booked by the Central Crime Station (CCS) under Section 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form.

RGV has been facing flak for his film, with several members of the Mahila Sanghala Ikya Vedika stating that they would sit on a 48-hour hunger strike if their demands were not met. Activists are also accusing him of speaking in a derogatory manner against women in one of the interviews he gave to a Telugu news channel recently.