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Ramkumar Explores Dark Themes For New Film

Director Ramkumar’s next is an ‘investigative thriller’.  The director, whose debut film Mundasupatti received rave reviews in 2014, has been lying low since then and has only recently announced this project. Speaking to Silverscreen, Ramkumar said, “I have been working on this story for a while, the delay was in securing a proper producer willing to invest in the script. I explored some dark themes while writing the script, and the story has a different tone than I what I have done before. This is directly in contrast to Mundasupatti, which was a funny take on people and the superstitions they give importance to.”

The film will have an entirely new cast and will be produced by G Dillibabu for Axess Film Factory. “I am very excited about this association with Ram Kumar. His first film “Mundasupatti” was one of my all time favourites. The film that we are doing with him will be a showcase for director Ramkumar and will establish our production company as a force to reckon with, in the cinema industry. Right now, we are trying to figure out the technician list. We are very close to getting a promising young star to play the male lead in this action entertainer,” says the producer.


Interestingly, after Mundasupatti’s release in 2014, Ramkumar had been asked to direct its sequel as well. The project was announced by producer CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment. Two years on, there has been no development as yet. When contacted, an assistant for CV Kumar said, “We produced the film in association with Fox Star Studios. So the process to get Mundasupatti back on track is complicated. We hope to sort it out as soon as possible so that we can make the sequel soon.”

Ramkumar is hopeful that he’d be able to deal with an entirely new superstition in the sequel if the movie ever materializes. “There are so many issues we can highlight in our films. I would love to work on the sequel if all the issues are sorted out,” he said.