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‘Randu Rahasyangal’ is a Fictional Drama That Follows Two Women and the Unlocking of Their Secrets, Says Director Arjun Lal

Photo Source: Official Poster of 'Randu Rahasyangal'

The poster of Randu Rahasyangal, the upcoming Malayalam film, was released by several artists from the Malayalam film industry, including actors Indrajith Sukumaran and Jayasurya, on their Facebook pages on Sunday.

The film is directed by debutant duo Arjun Lal and Ajithkumar Raveendran.

Speaking to Silverscreen India, Arjun said, “It is a fictional drama film that follows the two lead characters played by Paris Laxmi and Divya Gopinath, and the unlocking of their secrets.” He added that the title Randu Rahansyangal reflects this.

The film’s story was developed based on the concept of secrets, Arjun further said. “Secrets are confidential. However, sometimes secrets are disclosed and when we trace certain secrets back to their roots, we may encounter dangerous backstories. Randu Rahasyangal revolves around such secrets of the two lead characters and is about the issues faced by them.”

The poster features Paris Laxmi and reveals that her character is named Maggie. According to Arjun, another poster featuring Divya Gopinath’s character, as well as the film’s trailer, will be released in the coming weeks.

Arjun, a Film and Video Communication graduate from the National Institute of Design, noted that the film also has a horror element. “One of the tracks in the film will follow the causes of superstitious beliefs and customs imposed on a woman. Another track will revolve around a woman who could not live her life as per her wish due to societal conditions,” he revealed.

The filmmaker added that the many things he has witnessed on a day-to-day basis in his hometown in Idukki inspired him to make this film on how certain blind beliefs affect women.

His co-director Ajithkumar, a businessman by profession, has also co-produced the film with Vijaykumar Prabhakaran and Zakir Ali.

The filming of Randu Rahasyangal was completed in two schedules in early 2020 after Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed post the first wave of the pandemic. “The film was shot in Ernakulam and is currently in the post-production stage. We are aiming for a direct OTT release,” said Arjun.

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