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Rangoon Cleared To Release; High Court Orders Producers To Deposit Rs. 2 Crore

The Bombay High Court has directed the makers of Rangoon, the period-action film set in the 1940s, to deposit a sum of Rs. 2 crore in the court, according to a report in the Deccan Chronicle


The Vishal Bharadwaj directed film, starring Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan, and Shahid Kapoor, ran into trouble over alleged copyright infringement. Wadia Movietone Pvt. Ltd claimed that Kangana’s character was based on erstwhile stunt actress Fearless Nadia, and that the characters, costumes, films, and even catch-phrases were similar. Wadia moved the court to delay the film’s release. 

However, Vishal Bharadwaj’s legal team had questioned this, claiming that one cannot copyright a historical person, and that ‘Fearless Nadia’ was only the stage name of the actress – Mary Evans – and not a character she had played. 

The Bombay High Court heard lawyers for both sides, and directed Rangoon‘s producers to deposit the money as a condition for release.