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Ratna Pathak Shah Says We’re Leaving Behind ‘A Messed Up World’

Ratna Pathak Shah is of the opinion that we’re leaving behind a ‘messed up world’ for the future generation. “We have messed up the whole world, we will be out of it very soon but it’s the young ones who will have to fight. We have to be prepared for all interventions. But just because it’s going to be tough, should it not be done? It has to be done.”

Shah said it’s ironic that Indian women are considered a minority in the country. “That’s one of my greatest fears about what’s happening in our country today, how it is going to affect minorities – the women. Women are not even minorities, considering we are 50 per cent of the population but in everyone’s head we are. ”


Shah also added that there is little patience among the people for ideas that are different from the norm. “Anything beyond the majoritarian idea is not acceptable today. That’s a very dangerous state to be in and that must be fought. It will be a tough fight. We are in for really hard times in our country. The polarities are becoming wider, there seems to be no desire to bring people together in the country. Unfortunately, I see this replicated in many parts of the world,” she said.

The 60-year-old actress declared that she is ‘pained’ to see how people have turned ‘the whole idea of modernity on its head’.