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Ravi Teja Anguished By Media Reports Of Brother’s Death

Ravi Teja has slammed the media for fabricating stories about him, shortly after his brother’s death. The star was called ‘callous’ by news agencies for refusing to attend his brother’s funeral. “You should understand my anguish. Some media reports, and posts on social media have attributed different reasons for my staying away from my brother’s last rites. While I was shattered at his death, I was grieved at what people posted without even understanding our emotions,“ Ravi Teja said.

In a ToI interview, Teja explained:

“It is sad that reports were published that we had hired a junior artist to perform the rituals.“


Teja was also called out for his decision to continue shooting for a film, the day after his brother’s death. “When the scene is a combination of many artistes, I felt I should not skip it,“ he said.

A selfie also surfaced, which showed the actor smiling at the camera. “When someone took a selfie with me, the minimum I could do was smile a bit for the photograph.“

Ravi Teja’s brother, Bharath, died in a car accident on June 25

Pic: Indian Express