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South Korean Filmmaker Kim ki-Duk Accused Of Sexual Harassment Has Many Fans In Kerala

South Korean filmmaker Kim ki-Duk, who is famous for the portrayal of violence and explicit contents in his movies, was recently accused of attempted rape and harassment by a group of actresses who have worked with him before.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,  a former actress, requesting anonymity, said Kim sexually harassed her multiple times during pre-production of a film. During production, when cast and crew members lodged together, she said the director raped her in her room following repeated attempts to violate her.


Later the filmmaker went out in public and spoke to the media. “I have stolen a kiss… but never did anything beyond that without a woman’s consent,” Kim ki Duk said. “I have been involved in intimate relationships, but it was always consensual. I am, however, ashamed of this as a married family man” he said.

His films have been screened at Cannes and other international film festivals and have bagged several prestigious awards. His filmography is filled with films that touches the deep unexplored human psyche, including movies like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter….Spring and 3 Iron.

Incidentally, the filmmaker has a cult following in Kerala. For the 18th International Film Festival of Kerala, Kim ki Duk was invited as the special guest and his film Moebius was screened at the festival. He was welcomed by the audience and film enthusiasts in Thiruvananthapuram and was also a part of the international jury then.