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Renu Desai Dismisses All Possibilities About Reuniting With Ex-Husband Pawan Kalyan

Renu Desai, who used to be married to Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan, has dismissed all possibilities of the couple ever getting back together. Annoyed with the constant questions by fans, Renu took to Facebook to clarify things.

“For the past four years, I have been receiving several social media messages, letters asking why I am not with Pawan Kalyan. I have clarified my stand a lot of times, still the fans have not understood what I want to say. So, for once and all, I am posting my reason on Facebook, hoping you all will understand. We are just friends. We cannot become husband-wife once again. You will have to understand this truth that Anna is Pawan Kalyan’s wife, not me,” she wrote, adding that Pawan is still connected to the family and is devoted to their children.

Pawan married Renu in 2009, following a long courtship, and he was seeing her even when being married to Nandini. The couple has two children, a son and a daughter. In 2012, Pawan and Renu divorced, and Pawan married Anna Lezhneva the following year. He has a son with Anna. 

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