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Renu Desai Opens Up About Pawan Kalyan, Her Divorce And Marriage Plans

Ever since Renu Desai announced her engagement, she has been viciously trolled by fans of her ex-husband, actor Pawan Kalyan, and even received threats and advice. Even recently, replying to a troll on her Instagram page, the actress said that fans of her ex-husband must thank her for keeping silent on the topic for so many years. “If I open my mouth and just state the facts of my divorce, all this stupid arrogance of yours will go down the drain!” she wrote.


But now, the actress has finally revealed that it was Pawan Kalyan who insisted on a divorce. In an interview with Swapna that she uploaded on YouTube, the actress said she broke her silence because she wanted to give courage to all women out there going through similar issues. She said it was Pawan Kalyan who insisted on a divorce even though she protested the decision. She also questioned the female fans of Pawan Kalyan who abused her on social media asking how they would feel if Pawan was their husband and had another baby through someone else, 11 years into their relationship?

During the divorce proceedings, she had requested Pawan Kalayan to issue a public statement to clarify the issue, but he did not oblige, she said.

While Pawan Kalyan moved on, married Russian national Anna Lezhneva, and maintains an untainted image, Renu has been facing endless misogynistic trolls and online abuses, despite Pawan Kalyan himself congratulating her on her engagement.

Speaking about her wedding plans in an interview to Deccan Chronicle, she said it would be a simple ceremony at the Linga Bhairavi Temple at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, in the presence of family members. Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan lived together for some years before getting married in 2009; they parted ways in 2012. They have two kids – son Akira Nandan and daughter Aadya.

The actress said that following the split, she went into depression and underwent counselling. She also said that her son Akira hates being called Jr Powerstar and wants to be a writer, not a hero.