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Richa Chadda Says Indians Are Rude

Richa Chadda

Richa Chadda has said that Indians in general, are rude, as they do not respect her privacy and personal boundaries. A story in HT quotes the actress as saying, “I have been in situations where I have not even been asked for a picture and people are already clicking. I feel we need to learn how to respect boundaries.”

The actress also felt her celebrity-hood is preventing her from doing things she enjoys. “I like to buy fruits, go cycling. But I can’t do that. This loss of anonymity is a big drawback,” she said. However, the actress has found ways to overcome it. “Then there were times when I would disguise myself. So I bought a pair of glasses and wore that. That worked for a while. Then, there were times when I would cover my face with the cloth, the way people do to avoid the sun. I got away a few times as well!”


Richa, who acted in films like Masaan and Sarabjit, recently produced a short film, Khoon Aali Chitti. The film, based on the Khalistan movement of Punjab, was selected for the South Asia film festival in Toronto.

She will also be appearing in the sequel to Fukrey, Fukrey 2