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RK Selvamani Says Vishal Isn’t Experienced Enough To Handle FEFSI Issue

RK Selvamani at Vaigai Express Trailer Launch

Director RK Selvamani has said that Nadigar Sangam Secretary Vishal is not experienced enough to tackle the ongoing Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) issue.

Earlier this week, reports of a fallout between FEFSI, an organisation that oversees about 24 individual unions of film employees, and the Tamil Film Producers’ Council emerged. The workers had reportedly asked for a hike in their fees. This demand did not sit well with the producers, who passed a resolution to allow the producers to work with employees not covered by FEFSI, thereby skirting the issue.

Selvamani, who heads the FEFSI, has slammed the TFPC for what it has termed unorthodox methods. “In order for the industry to survive, we need measured thinking and some sort of sensible discussion. But, the TFPC, led by Vishal, has taken a rash decision that will affect lakhs of employees. This decision affects the livelihood of so many people, and yet, this has not been taken into account. To resolve an issue of this magnitude, experienced and seasoned hands are needed. Vishal simply doesn’t fit the criteria.”

Selvamani also added that the FEFSI members have already taken a 40 percent cut, and that they cannot afford to concede more on the issue. He said, “As it is, some of the employees don’t make enough money to live in the way they deserve. If we concede more, we’re just making the issue more terrible.”

FEFSI is likely to meet later this week to decide on the matter. Until then, the shooting of many Tamil films have been temporarily stalled while the producers make alternative arrangements. 

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