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S Madhan Case: SRM Group Files Another Complaint

The SRM Group has filed a second complaint against the missing Vendhar Movies producer, S Madhan, who remains untraceable two weeks after his disappearance.


The SRM Group Chairman TR Pachamuthu’s legal team filed another petition yesterday at the City Police Commissioner’s Office, in which they accused the producer of ‘fraud’ and ‘cheating’. Pachamuthu (aka Paarivendhar) had previously said that Madhan has no connection whatsoever with the educational institutions run by the SRM group, and had been expelled from Pachamuthu’s political party, India Jananayaka Katchi (IJK), in February 2016.

On May 28, producer Madhan had disappeared, leaving behind a handwritten suicide note, in which he said he was leaving for Kasi to attain ‘samadhi’. Madhan’s wife and family members subsequently approached the police alleging that certain persons belonging to the SRM group were behind Madhan’s disappearance. Responding to the allegations, Pachamuthu said in his petition, “To escape from the hands of law, he is enacting a suicide drama and had also gone absconding with the money.”

Further distancing himself from Madhan, Pachamuthu said that Madhan had never held any position in his institution. The SRM Group’s PRO said, “Our chairman (TR Pachamuthu) has never met with any of the students that Madhan took money from. Admission was not sought by Madhan on their behalf. This is a clear case of cheating. We have also learnt that Madhan has forged TR Pachamuthu’s signatures and created several bogus companies using it. We urge the Police to take firm action.”


Earlier, several people had filed complaints against Madhan after his disappearance, alleging that he had taken their money under false pretense. Madhan had reportedly assured them that he would get their children admission in a Chennai college. Subsequently, several sensational theories had surfaced to explain his disappearance, including reports of his death at the hands of a local gang, and speculations around his personal life. Amidst all this, there has been little progress in the search for the producer.

Madhan’s mother had also filed a habeus corpus petition with a local court in, which she alleged that “no case was registered by the police station” after her complaint, and that no efforts had been undertaken by the police to find her son.The Judge has transferred the case to Central Crime Branch, which will carry out a probe into the issue and file a status report by June 23.