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Sound Amplification During Azaan Stems From Insecurity, Says Saif Ali Khan

Sonu Nigam recently stirred up a debate on religious practices in India, particularly commenting on the use of loudspeakers at a nearby mosque. He called it an act of hooliganism, and even took up a Muslim cleric’s challenge of shaving his head for Rs 10 lakhs. Several celebrities have since spoken about this, either calling him out, or supporting him. Saif Ali Khan, speaking to the Indian Express, said, “At one level I agree, the lesser sound the better, there should be certain decibel levels allowed across religious practices. I also understand the amplification of the sound during azaan comes from insecurity,” he declared, adding that in Israel, three religions co-exist. 

“As a minority, you would like to make your presence felt and hopefully accepted. If someone says that it should be extinguished, it will make some people [a] little uncomfortable. As a precursor to some sort of holocaust, it’s the first thing you think of. There’s a bit of fear there. It’s fine to express your views on the decibel levels,” he said.


At the same time, Saif also asserted that he found the tweet a little aggressive: “I do think religion should be a private affair and we should be a secular country,” he said.

Last week, Sonu Nigam took to Twitter to declare that since he isn’t a Muslim, he shouldn’t be “forced” to listen to the loudspeakers that blare the early morning prayers. 

Thus far, a formal complaint has been filed against the singer in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. 

Pic: Hindustan Times