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Saif Ali Khan Writes Open Letter On Nepotism Issue

Saif Ali Khan penned an open letter to explain his side of things in the nepotism debate. The actor has been criticised for taking part in an ill-advised ‘Nepotism Rocks’ sketch at IIFA.

The actor said that he’d apologised to Kangana Ranaut, at whom the sketch was directed, personally, and that he didn’t believe in ‘fake public apologies’.

However, in today’s world, apologies are made through Twitter or though some other social media platform. That, is basically apologising to your fans and the world in general, instead of apologising to the person concerned, because you don’t want to lose support. These are the times we live in. We wish each other happy birthday or offer condolences on social media. This is another reason I don’t want to be on any social media platform — it feels fake. 

He also went on to say that the real flag-bearer of nepotism was the media. 

The real flagbearer of nepotism, I’d say is the media. Look at how they treat Taimur, Shahid’s daughter Misha or even Shah Rukh’s son AbRam. They photograph them and hype them up to be the next big thing and the child has no choice. From a young age they have to deal with being celebrities, which they don’t really deserve, before they can even speak or talk, leave alone understand what is happening.

And that the movie industry was the least nepotistic in the country.

Nepotism cannot work in the film industry because it is a democracy. The film industry is the most fair line of work. So yes, maybe I got a chance because of my mother, but that is more genetics than nepotism. It’s a genetic investment that the producer was making.