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Salman Khan’s Shopping Website In Legal Tangle

Race 3, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan

Salman Khan’s new venture, an online shopping website named Khanmarketonline.com which he had unveiled on his birthday (December 27), has run into trouble for alleged trademark infringement.


The traders’ association of Delhi’s famous Khan market has objected to the name of Salman Khan’s website. “This portal is misusing our market’s name and hence amounts to trademark infringement,” said Sanjiv Mehra, president of Khan Market Traders’ Association, as quoted by The Hindu. “When someone goes to the website Khanmarketonline.com, people will think it to be the official website of the famous market in Delhi. You will immediately connect my market to that online website”, an Indian Express report quoted him as saying.

However, the association hasn’t filed a petition against Salman Khan yet. Apparently, the union will try to talk to Salman Khan and resolve the issue. “Before we file a case against them, we would prefer persuading Salman Khan for not using the name of Khan market”, Mehra was quoted by Indian Express.