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Salony Luthra on Smoking for Sarabham

Pictures of actress Salony Luthra smoking in the thriller movie Sarabham, went viral yesterday. The photos were shared by director Arun Mohan to create interest about the movie. And it looks like that objective has been accomplished. The actress has been getting rave reviews for her daring role in the film and she is absolutely thrilled with the response. “I’m very excited and humbled by the appreciation and love that my character has been getting from the audience. I’m really glad that all my hard work is showing onscreen,” she said.


Salony also revealed that she “had to smoke” in Sarabham because ‘the film demanded it’. “My action in the film is not an endorsement for smoking or anything like that. I do not smoke in real life and am actively against the whole thing.” She also urged youngsters to not be swayed by “stars smoking onscreen”. “A film will show both good and bad things. Stop getting inspired by the bad and take in only the good. It’s not cool to be doing everything that your favourite actor does!” Salony declared.