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Sarath Kumar Holds ‘Disappointing’ Facebook Q&A Session

Actor Sarathkumar at 12th Chennai International Film Festival Inauguration Event

Sarath Kumar has been talked about for all the wrong reasons recently. From his failed campaign at the nastiest Nadigar Sangam elections in history to embezzlement charges, the past few months have not been kind to the ‘Supreme Star’. When he announced a Q&A session with fans recently, it was widely seen as an opportunity that the actor could use to make his voice heard.

But the session turned out to be quite a dampener. Quite like his last release Sandamarutham.

For starters, the Q&A session started quite late:

Sarath Kumar decided to side-step a potentially controversial question. Being the nice guy that he is, he thanked the fan instead.


Sarathkumar asked one of his supporters, who said he ‘almost died’ (at the Nadigar Sangam news) to ‘wait and watch’.


When asked about demonetization, he was quite brief, to put it mildly.


With a little prodding, he talked about how it could have been a better plan:


Sarath Kumar wants to make a sequel to Arasu. Nobody rejoiced.


He then said he was quite hopeful about a sequel we all would like – Suryavamsam.


After answering some 15 questions, the actor went AWOL, and we cannot blame him.

Most of the questions were only about when Vishal will be ousted and some well researched political advice, like this one :


One comment simply nailed the general feeling about this Q&A :


Sarath Kumar is currently shooting for GV Prakash starrer Adangathey. 


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