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Sathyaraj On Rajiv Gandhi Murder Accused

Sathyaraj At The 'Kanaa' Press Meet
Sathyaraj At The 'Kanaa' Press Meet

Sathyaraj says that the media must understand that while all celebrities have a view point on topical issues, not all of them must be expected to hold forth on the intricacies of such things. He was speaking to reporters who questioned him about his stand on honour killings in the state and on the release of those accused in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case.

While Sathyaraj repeatedly said that his views were influenced by how he felt and that he had no idea about the intricacies involved in the issues he was asked to comment upon, the reporters continued to question him. “The accused in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case have been in jail for 28 years, and that is more than the punishment such cases usually get. I feel that they must be released at once. I do not know what kind of politics is at play here. I am not aware of such things. But my views on this issue arises from a place of humanity. I don’t know the political aspects of such incidents.”

When the questioning continued, Sathyaraj said: “You are questioning me like I am the Supreme Court Justice. I am not. I am just a man with certain views about the case. For a long time, I have been calling for their release. That’s it.”

He added: “Whatever maybe the reason for this inordinate delay in their release, we must look at it with compassion and humanity. They have suffered for 28 years. I will do everything in my power to make sure that they get freedom.”

Sathyaraj condemned the acts of violence against inter-caste couples. “Honour killings are a menace. I can’t imagine how a person can kill their own child in the name of caste. Such incidents make me question if these people are humans.”

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