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Social Media Users Point Out Similarities Between Aruvi And An Egyptian Film Asmaa

Aruvi Movie Stills Sarring Aditi Balan

Aruvi, the film that is currently being regarded as one of Tamil cinema’s best this year, is currently facing flak for allegedly being a copy of an Egyptian film Asmaa, that happens to be the first-ever Egyptian feature film to highlight the problems and stigma faced by HIV AIDS patients. Social media users have gone on a roll to point out the similarities between Arun Prabu Purushothaman’s directorial and the 2011 film directed by Amr Salama.

Actress Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, who claims that a character in Aruvi makes fun her and her reality show Solavethallam Unmai, also shared posts from users claiming plagiarising allegations.


Responding to this, producer of the film SR Prabhu, took to Twitter to clarify that the intentions behind Aruvi were pure in a bid to show a more humane aspect.

Asmaa released in 2011 and is considered a path-breaking film as it, for once, showed a more realistic depiction of a character suffering from AIDS. The film was also based on a true story where a woman suffering from AIDS eventually died after the hospital refused to operate on her for a ruptured gall bladder.

Aruvi stars Aditi Balan in the titular role, a young 25-year-old woman who goes on a reality show and attempts to clarify a misunderstanding that takes a totally unexpected path. The film has been receiving massive praises from all the major members of the film industry including director Shankar Shanmugham, actor Jayam Ravi, and many others.

Meanwhile, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan expressed her displeasure over the alleged portrayal of her in the film and put out a rather uninformed and insensitive tweet:

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