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Shabana Azmi Confuses Poha For Upma; Stirs Up A National Debate On Twitter


Last time upma raked up a controversy was when Tamil actor Parthiepan took his love for the dish one step ahead – wanting it to be the “national dish”. The savoury South Indian breakfast is back, causing more havoc in people’s lives.

An innocuous tweet with a picture by veteran actress Shabana Azmi led to a flurry of theories and debates. The question being – is that poha or upma?

Twitterati scratched their collective heads and responded to her tweet with funny pictures of food and people.

Some even channeled their inner-Arvind Kerjriwal and blamed PM Modi.

Azmi, however, put all doubts to rest when she revealed to the world that the picture was, in fact, poha!

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