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Shah Rukh Khan Meets Brad Pitt; Says Bollywood Needs to Scale Up

SRK Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is in India on a surprise visit to promote his film War Machine, which will be streamed on Netflix. Shah Rukh Khan hosted Brad Pitt at a session with the press, and said that the Bombay film industry has a lot to learn from Hollywood, especially in screenwriting, marketing, and adopting to newer technologies.


SRK believes that the success of Hollywood films in India, despite the presence of big-star films, shows a changing trend, and says that Bollywood will need to innovate and adapt to retain its position. Shah Rukh Khan said, “If we don’t hone up few areas especially script writing, screenplay, marketing, professionalism and technology, we will be taken over by Hollywood.” 

“The language is becoming less and less of a barrier…There are more digital platforms and easy accessibility to content from all around the world,” he added. “There are films like Spider Man and Fast and the Furious which did as well as any other action Hindi films…Language is no longer a barrier as the films are getting dubbed too. Indian film industry has to change. We have a college to learn from. Hollywood has done it all we just have to adapt.”


Brad Pitt plays General Glen McMahon in War Machine, a satire. Brad Pitt co-produced the film with Netflix, and will begin streaming it online from Friday, 26th May. During the chat, Brad had said, “I wouldn’t make it in Bollywood, I can’t dance.” SRK replied, “We can make anyone dance. I just spread my arms and do nothing, that’s a step.”

But later, SRK said, “We have wonderful stories to tell but we are not telling. We sometimes get happy being a fad about singing and dancing. We need to understand the language that Hollywood or western cinema speak, and not change what we are presenting…Singing and dancing has to stay.”


Image Courtesy: Indian Express