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Shailaja Reddy Alludu Trailer: Ramya Krishnan’s Character Reminds Of Sivagami

In Shailaja Reddy Alludu, Ramya Krishnan plays to the gallery with yet another version of her Sivagami Devi persona from the Baahubali series. In this Maruthi directed film, she is a strong-willed woman who does not necessarily approve of the man her daughter wants to marry. From the looks of the teaser, there’s a huge Mappillai hangover, whether it follows the same route is something the audience can find out once the release date is announced.


The teaser itself is a collection of scenes in which the sheepish Naga Chaithanya ‘follows’ Anu Emmanuel as she paints, walks around the campus and is generally being herself.

Indian cinema has experimented with a variety of ‘love proposal’ scenes, and here, Anu Emmanuel’s character is given the upper hand. She asks the man to propose her. “You tell me that you love me. I will say I love you too,” she tells him. It’s amusing. Naga Chaithanya’s reaction tells us that he won’t heed to her demands. After all, heroes have to do things their own way.

Romance will surely blossom, for this will set the scene for a confrontation with Anu’s mother in the film, Shailaja Reddy, played by Ramya Krishnan. The couple’s journey towards matrimony is bound to face several setbacks – Ramya’s displeasure over the match is very evident, as Gopi Sundar’s background music reaches a crescendo. The stage is set for the confrontation. Will Shailaja Reddy’s son-in-law match up?


Maruthi’s latest is in the same vein as his previous works – Mahanubhavudu and Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Family entertainers are his forte, as proved by the success of his films till date, though Shailaja Reddy Alludu could prove to be problematic. For one, nobody wants to see the great Sivagami Devi vanquished. Now, do we?

On Ramya’s look, a spokesperson had earlier said, “While the look itself may have some similarities, both Shailaja and Sivagami are completely different women. Shailaja is driven by love of her daughter and her natural distrust of Naga Chaitanya’s character.”

Watch the trailer here: