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Siddharth, RJ Balaji Chalk Out Long Term Plans For #ChennaiMicro

Chennai finally got some respite from torrential rains and floods. While some areas are still water-logged, some parts have returned to normal life. However, the duo of actor Siddharth and radio jockey–actor R Balaji, who helped anchor relief operations in the city through social networking sites, have no plans to cease relief efforts, regardless of professional commitments. In an interview with news channel NDTV, Siddharth said that the #ChennaiMicro team, which includes RJ Balaji and Siddhartha, would now focus on rehabilitating people who have lost their home and means of livelihood. Siddhartha further tweeted that their team said they would partner with NGOs Bhoomika Trust (for Chennai) and Aid India (for Cuddalore).

RJ Balaji also tweeted that they would undertake long term rehabilitation plans like organising medical camps, rebuilding infrastructure, and creating livelihood for flood victims. Right frm medical camps, rebuilding infrastructure,creating livelihood and fulfilling longterm needs r rehabilitation plans of #ChennaiMicro — RJ Balaji (@RJ_Balaji) December 6, 2015 Siddharth, who has been coordinating relief work in the coastal district of Cuddalore, said that the region wasn’t as devastated as it might seem from social media network posts. “Most of its people have lost their employment and agricultural land. Food is available in plenty,” said Siddharth. He also said that food was being wasted in some places. “The saddest part is that people who don’t need relief materials, who are completely safe and okay, are stopping relief vehicles, and running away with supplies. Ones that already have are getting more and ones that done have any, aren’t getting anything.” “The need of the hour was not big containers of relief material like bread packets or milk powder, which are going to get wasted, but of bedding, blankets and shelter. Places like Mudichur, North Chennai are in a terrible state. You need logistical support on the ground, [more] than bread packets and milk powder. In the long term, what the people would need is livelihood, a means of setting up the homes they have lost. During the past few days in Chennai, I came across a number of government employees, corporation workers, local police and NDRF personnel who went out of their way to help people. I wouldn’t blame the government because this was a calamity of epic proportions. No State government would have been able to tackle the situation,” he added.   (Watch the interview here)