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Silambarasan Opens Up


Silambarasan sat down for a tell-all interview with The Hindu recently. Highlights here:

1. A wife like Hansika or Nayanthara?

My wife will look like my wife only. Why would I want a wife who looks like Hansika or Nayanthara?

2. On Vaalu and Idhu Namma Aalu release:

There’s one song left to be completed for Vaalu and I have told the producer that I will come for shooting when he wants me to. He will figure out the dates and get back to me. A major portion of Idhu Namma Aalu has been shot, but three songs are left. In a month, the music will be completed.

3. On the controversies that surround him:

I don’t do anything nowadays, but still people find something to write about me. If a bomb explodes suddenly, it’s a matter of concern. But in my case, there’s a bomb exploding somewhere everyday. So no reason for me to be afraid now.

4. On his charitable endeavours:

I don’t like publicising the fact that I donate regularly. If I’d nurtured dreams of becoming a politician, I would do things like that. But I don’t have any hope in that regard, so I don’t make it public.

5. Working and partying with an ex-girlfriend:

Nayanthara is my ex, but we parted ways amicably, and not with acrimony. So when we work together now, it’s easy. She has her own life and I have mine. When we’re all free, we go partying together. It’s not a big deal.

6. Marriage plans:

I had announced earlier that I would get married when my sister Ilakkiya does. At that time, I was in love with a girl, but it fell apart. I want to marry a girl who understands me and till I find her, I’m content to wait.

7. Would his love story become a movie at some point?

If they make a movie out of my love story, it will cause heartache for everybody. Let my pain and sadness stay with me.

8. Dhanush and his Bollywood success:

Dhanush forayed into an industry which he had no idea about; even the language was alien to him. He was successful there and for that, I’m proud of him and I respect him too.

9. Direction plans:

I have plans of directing and acting in a movie soon…most probably next year.


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