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Since Hanuman Chalisa Doesn’t Banish The Ghost In ‘Phillauri’, CBFC Says Mute It


A scene in which Phillauri’s Suraj Sharma recites the Hanuman Chalisa in a bathtub has to be muted, says the CBFC. According to Hindu beliefs, reciting the Hanuman Chalisa in the presence of a ghost is supposed to banish the ghost. However, in the film, when Suraj recites it to make Anushka Sharma’s ghost disappear, it has the opposite result.

Such a scene could hurt religious sentiments, a source from the CBFC told Quint – “The CBFC has asked for the Hanuman Chalisa to be removed from the soundtrack. All the audience will hear now is Suraj Sharma’s long droning chant which would be inaudible.”

The film releases in theatres today.