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Singer-Dubbing Artist Chinmayi Lashes Out Against The Dubbing Union


Singer-dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripada called for a press gathering on Wednesday evening. On receiving news that her nomination application for contesting in the elections held for the Executive Committee of the South Indian Cine Television Artistes And Dubbing Artistes Union had been rejected, she took to the press to seek justice.

The singer had applied for the post of President but was denied the opportunity to contest stating that it was against the bylaws of the union, the name of which hadn’t been disclosed.

She mentioned that she had joined a list of 22 members who had spoken up against the unfair ways of the union and were suppressed for it. She pointed out several issues in the dubbing union that were left unattended to:

  1. There has been a deficit of 42.5 Lakhs even after all the commission swindled by the coordinators from big to small artistes, accounts of which are unknown.
  2. The labour commissioner let out a public statement to the government that 45 new members have joined the dubbing union in 2018 while in actuality there was an addition of 71 new members. “No scrutinization seems to be taking place in terms of fee or registration while taking in new entrants. We don’t receive receipts also,” said Chinmayi.
  3. The original purchase value of the dubbing union building amounts to 47.5 lakhs but reads 1.25 crores in the annual report given by the union.
  4. Several members who do not belong to the eligible list of voters surprisingly have the right to vote, but Chinmayi who is eligible for voting has been banned from doing so with no solid reason.
  5. Dubbing artists don’t get retirement benefits, pension schemes or insurance benefits but are deprived of 10% of their salary at all points.

“There was no way I could communicate with the heads as to why they had rejected me. An election officer had been appointed just for namesake. They were aware that the elections were going to take place, but they chose to not prepare for it in advance,” said Chinmayi.

She added, “They claim I haven’t paid my subscription fee of Rs. 120 for the years 2016 and 2017, so I was removed from the list in 2018. But somehow my name which was present in the 2018 member list prepared for March, didn’t find a place in the same list prepared for September. I know I hold a lifetime membership here just like I do in the musician union. I don’t understand how only the Dubbing Union has an issue. They keep contradicting themselves.”

Dubbing artist DhaSarathy added about how there was more than required bandobast arranged while Chinmayi had gone to file her nomination. “They hadn’t allowed a well-known member inside and insisted on verifying all her documents while there were so many unknown faces lingering about. Despite knowing that there was no channel for communication after the rejection, Chinmayi mailed the head of the union who refused to respond,” said the artist.

He added, “Head of the union, Mr. Radha Ravi has been reiterating in several gatherings and interviews that he was not behind the decision of banning Chinmayi from the Dubbing Union, and claims that it was rather an order of Ms. Vasugi, the electoral officer appointed for the elections held in 2018. I need to make it clear that an electoral officer does not have the authority to take such decisions and that his/her job ends after their electoral duties are done. If we ask for the official order regarding this, they have nothing to provide.”

Other artists like Madhiyazhagan and Rajagopalan shared the grievances they faced for questioning the dubbing union too. They have decided to file a case and deal with the issue legally until justice is sought.

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