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Sivakumar Knocks Fan’s Phone Again; Memes Go Viral

Actor Sivakumar at the Madras Movie Audio Launch

Once again, veteran actor Sivakumar knocked down the phone of a fan who was trying to take a selfie with him. He is again being trolled for this on social media.

The actor was invited to a wedding at director-actor E Ramadoss’s house. While he was entering the venue, a fan tried to take a selfie with him. The actor knocked down the fan’s phone unapolegetically, despite have been trolled for a similar incident before. Meanwhile, as the phone went flying in the air, there was one unmissable moment. A person, who appeared to be the actor’s assistant, looked at the fan, disappointed, and it was as if he asked, “En ya?”

This video has gone viral online, and naturally many funny memes about it are trending on social media. Here are some of the best ones.

In October last year, the actor was at a fertility centre inauguration when he knocked down a fan’s phone. He later apologised to the media saying that he wished to be like a common man, and needed his privacy. He insisted that fans should ask him before taking selfies. The actor also bought the fan a new phone and replaced the one he knocked down.

He said, “Selfies – and pictures – are something that one takes with their family on a holiday. While I don’t want to comment on it, is it fair to shove the people who are standing guard in a public place filled with 200-300 people to take a selfie with me? Why don’t you extend the courtesy of asking me before taking a picture? How is it fair to expect a VIP to behave in the way you like? A celebrity is not public property.”

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