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Slapgate, But No Slap: Prayaga Martin’s Side Of Altercation With Make-Up Man

Vishwasapoorvam Mansoor star Prayaga Martin did have a verbal altercation with a make-up man on set, but only because he misbehaved with her, a spokesperson for the team told Silverscreen. Ever since reports of Prayaga slapping the make-up man surfaced (in what is being described as “slapgate”), the media has been highly critical of the actress, with some describing her as “arrogant”. 


However, the team’s spokesperson said that Prayaga was not at fault and had not slapped anyone. He said, “The make-up man who was called to apply make-up ended up misbehaving with her. Prayaga had a word with him and asked him to not do it and went back to her van. She then told her mother and her mother came out and questioned him. He verbally abused Prayaga’s mother as well. The situation escalated, and the make-up man threatened to make her pay for her actions.” 

According to the spokesperson, others on set were shocked at the make-up man’s sudden change in behaviour, and supported Prayaga’s actions.

The spokesperson also said, “An official statement will be released from the director or the movie team very soon. A Facebook post [by art director Gireesh Menon] was also doing the rounds from a person who was not even on the sets at that point. We approached the cyber cell and they took it down on Monday evening.”


Meanwhile, Prayaga has been at the receiving end of criticism from sections of social media. In an interview with South Live, she said that the incident had been resolved, as the make-up man had apologised to her. She said, “Things blew out of proportion when Gireesh Menon, art director posted a status on Facebook which is completely untrue.” 

Praayaga has approached the AMMA association with a complaint, and the association has promised to take immediate note of the incident. Her father, Martin says her co-star Asha Sharath has also spoken out in support of her. 

Vishwasapoorvam Mansoor stars Roshan Mathew (Anandam) and Prayaga Martin in the lead. The supporting cast includes Gauthami, Shwetha Menon, Renji Panicker, VK Sreeraman, and Leona Lishoy. 

Picture Courtesy: South Live