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Sonakshi Sinha: Some People Do Try And Suppress Opinionated Women

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, in an interview with PTI, said that Bollywood is not that open to strong, opinionated women. “There are always people who are trying to show their importance and suppress people who are opinionated.” 


While Sinha herself has not dealt with such oppression thus far, she does know what she will do if such a situation arises. “People that I have dealt with and worked with have been able to take a strong, opinionated woman which I think I am as well. I don’t think I have come across somebody who is not. Honestly, if somebody would have made me feel like I am any lesser than them, I would have stopped interacting with them immediately. So, I have wonderful friendships and wonderful working relationships within the industry. It has been a great journey so far.”

Sonakshi Sinha made these comments while promoting her upcoming release, Noor. The film will hit the screens on April 21 and also has actors Purab Kohli, Kanan Gill, Shibani Dandekar in pivotal roles.