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Sonam Kapoor: “Karan Johar Hasn’t Worked With Me For 7 Years”

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor partly agrees with Kangana Ranaut’s claim that the Bombay film industry has nepotism, but says that isn’t the only reason stars get their roles. According to Sonam, actors still need to deliver what they promise, and be easy to work with, or they wouldn’t get called back. She further said that had Karan Johar been a nepotist, she herself would have got more roles in his films. 


Speaking to DNA, she said that while she respects Kangana’s right to an opinion, she doesn’t entirely agree with her. “Karan gives a lot of opportunities to a lot of people and to accuse him of that is unfair. But I believe nepotism does exist in the world in general,” she said. 

“Alia Bhatt is a very talented girl and you can’t take that away from her. She’s not getting work because of her father, but because she’s professional, comes on time and doesn’t traumatise her directors. Every director wants to work with her because she’s good. Karan Johar doesn’t owe Mahesh Bhatt anything. Filmmakers are not stupid to take you in their films if you are delivering flops,” Sonam said. 

She says Sanjay Leela Bhansali didn’t cast her in Saawariya because she was Anil Kapoor’s daughter. Instead, he thought she looked pretty and could act, and only later did he realise who her father was.


She continues, “I wouldn’t have existed for 10 years in the film industry on the merit of being Anil Kapoor’s daughter. I know my lines, I can deliver and cry on cue, etc. That’s why my directors want to work with me over and over again. It’s practicality and not because the maker used to love Anil Kapoor as a child and now he wants to cast his daughter, even though she’s a s*** actress.”

Sonam’s final word on nepotism? “It’s rubbish. Alia Bhatt is an investment and Karan Johar is investing more in his investment. When she makes money, he makes money. That is the bottom line.”