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Sonia Agarwal Returns To Kannada Films With ‘Dasharatha’, A Retelling Of ‘Ramayana’

Sonia Agarwal will make a comeback in the Kannada film industry with Dasharatha. The film, directed by MS Ramesh, is pitched as a modern retelling of the Ramayana. Sonia will play Kausalya (one of Dasharatha’s three wives) in the film. 

The actress’ first and only film in Kannada thus far was Chandu.

Director MS Ramesh told The New Indian Express:


“This is a modern tale of Ramayana, but not about Seeta. I chose to throw light on the life of Dasharatha’s other daughter Shanta, who married Rishyasringa. It is a known fact that Seeta went through trial by fire because of Rama, Shanta too had faced a similar situation, and I have taken that as a  reference for this film.” 

The film stars veteran Kannada actor Ravichandranas Dasharatha. Meghashree plays Shanta while actress Priyamani will play a hardened woman “much like Kaikeyi”.

Dasharatha is expected to release later this year. Meanwhile, Sonia is also shooting for the horror film, Agalya.