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Sonu Nigam On Fatwa Over Azaan Tweet: ‘Keep The Rs.10 Lakh Ready’

A senior member of a minority council has issued a fatwa against singer Sonu Nigam for tweeting negatively about the azaan


According to a DNA report, Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, vice-president of the West Bengal Minority United Council said, “If anyone can shave his hair, put a garland of old torn shoes around his neck and tour him around the country I personally announce an award of Rs 10 lakh for that person.” 

Quaderi also called Sonu Nigam “anti-national” and said no one had the right to hurt the sentiments of another religion. “I would have reacted the same way if one had talked ill about the sound of bells coming from a temple as well. If we all become so intolerant about each other’s religions, we will soon have a bunch of atheists in our country. People like Nigam should be driven out of the country,” he said. 

The United Council is planning a rally against Nigam in Kolkata. As per Quaderi, the rally is supposed to send a message to not only Nigam, but also the RSS, who had recently held a meeting to insult the prophet. Quaderi further said, “The rally will be attended by people across all faiths.”

Meanwhile, Nigam took to Twitter to take a pot-shot at the fatwa. 

Sonu Nigam had earlier complained on Twitter that he his sleep was disturbed by the loud speakers from a nearby mosque. Since then, he has received flak from social media for his comments. He later issued another tweet to clarify that he had only been speaking against loudspeakers. 


Picture Courtesy: Cultural India