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Sorgam En Kaiyil Producer Threatened

The producer of Sorgam En Kaiyil – a film that’s rumoured to be based on the controversial spiritual guru Nithyananda – has allegedly been threatened by the god-man’s devotees.

The flick was originally made in Kannada as Yaarivanu, and was dubbed in Telugu as well.


Madhan Patel, the producer, met the press in Chennai two days ago, and revealed that his production house had been receiving quite a few calls. “People, who identified themselves as Nithyananda’s devotees, intended to speak to me. Since I was not around, they harassed our staff,” he said.

Yaarivanu released in 2013, despite protests staged by Nithyananda’s devotees in Karnataka. “I allowed them to watch the film before the release. They wanted me to pay Rs 5 crores to them. But I managed to handle them through the court, who supported us.” Madhan added that he wouldn’t succumb to the pressure created by the devotees, and that he would aim to release the film at the earliest. Sorgam En Kaiyil has been awarded an ‘A’ certificate.