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Sriya Reddy Is Waiting For A Revolution

Sriya Reddy believes that the casting couch is not exclusive to the film industry. “Such incidents happen across industries but when it happens in the cinema field, it’s glamorously glorified. I have never faced such a situation in my entire career but I think these days the youngsters are more prone to exploitation. I would say that everyone should carry themselves in a no-nonsense way so that men don’t have the courage to approach you with such intentions. There are crazy people around. That said, I won’t say that all men are bad or good.

Reddy also feels that a no-nonsense attitude will deter men from assaulting women. 


“Probably, I did not have any such experience because I carry off an attitude, if you mess with me, I will wring your neck. From my voice, I have a deep voice, and physique, my personality sends such a vibe and that’s probably one reason people are scared of me. I have observed that even at my movie locations. Everyone is worried as to how I will react and they are shit scared of me. That said, I am also waiting for something like a revolution so that one day we all become equal and women can walk freely without any fear.”

The actress is currently awaiting the release of Andaava Kaanom. The film has been in production for over two years. Its audio was launched recently.