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SS Rajamouli On Life After ‘Baahubali’: “There Is A Sense Of Emptiness”

SS Rajamouli has said that there’s a sense of emptiness now that Baahubali is over. The filmmaker has been hard at work on the franchise since 2013. The second film released earlier this year, and at present, there are no plans to begin work on a third.

“Nothing’s changed. Life is the same. I just have a little more time to myself. I have plans to do bigger and better projects. If I will succeed or not, only time will tell,” he told DC

Rajamouli also said that he’s received only a fraction of Baahubali’s over Rs 2000 crore profit at the box office. 


“We were so caught up in doing our best while working on the film, there was not much time to speculate. But now, looking back, it’s humbling to see the response to years of hard work that was put in. When you give so much to a project and tell a story on such a large scale, the success or loss is also on that big a scale. Yes, we expected it to do well and we were also aware of what would happen if it didn’t.”

Rajamouli then said that his next would not involve extensive VFX. He is yet to announce what this project is and who he has cast in it.