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STR’s Mother Usha: We Do Not Want To Live In Tamil Nadu

STR’s mother Usha Rajendran, in an interview with Kural TV, has said that she and her family did not want to live in Tamil Nadu anymore, having witnessed the ongoing ‘Beep Song’ controversy her son is embroiled in. She said, “What mistake has he done? There are more pressing issues in the city than this Beep Song, why don’t media and people concentrate on those? My son hasn’t done anything wrong. He composed a song in his room, which is his personal space. If we don’t even have the liberty to do the things we like in our home, where has our privacy gone? If we don’t [have] freedom in our own house, then where is the world going? We don’t want to live here anymore. We, along with our family, will go to Kerala or Karnataka to make our living. Even though the Tamil Nadu people have given us life. People don’t understand that this song wasn’t official. They’re blowing this out of proportion. We have also made films which had used objectionable words. These words normally cut by the censors. When an entire film is being taken care by the censor board, why take an unofficial song with a beep sound and blow it out of proportion?”


Talking about the cases filed against STR, Usha said, “Why are so many cases been filed against son? You people want him in the police station? Tell me. I myself will bring him there. This is not fair to my son or our family. Ever since this controversy began, there have been at least 20 cameras outside my house, 24/7. We can’t step out of our house. Where has our freedom gone? People know the struggle we went through to release Vaalu after three years. Now, people file cases against Simbu over a song. Why are they being so insensitive to my son?”

In an earlier interview, STR’s father T Rajendar had alleged that the media and certain people were focusing on the ‘Beep Song’, instead of helping needy people who had lost their houses in the devastating Chennai floods.