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STR’s Role In Hansika Starrer ‘Maha’ Is More Than A Cameo: Director Jameel

STR is back on screen in a new avatar as a pilot in Hamsika Motwani’s reportedly female-centric film Maha. The film’s director Jameel, spoke about the ‘cameo’ to the media. He said, “There has been a lot of buzz around this particular character, and that it will be a short cameo. That is not true, STR has a screen time of nearly one hour in the film, and he will be in the flashback portions.”

He also added, “The role is based on real-life incidents that happened in Goa nearly 30 years ago. We have added some fictional elements, and I think his portions in the film will be gripping and entertaining.”


The director also wanted to clarify that STR’s character being named Jameel was not a publicity stunt for himself. He joked, “Please don’t think that I wanted to publicise my name. We were thinking of Shoaib, but the team felt that it was a common name, so we chose Jameel.”

The director was also all praise for the actor, saying, “He is a perfectionist. Despite being a star who has been in the industry for long, he never hesitated to ask if a shot was okay, he was open to retakes. He was a thorough professional on set. His presence will definitely add immense value to our film.”