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Subhash Ghai: “I Want To Invest In Making Future Filmmakers!”

Subhash Ghai feels that it is his duty now to train future filmmakers. “I have played my innings well and would like to invest in making future filmmakers. If a script is noteworthy, then I may consider directing a movie,” he said.

Known for directing iconic films such as Karz, Taal, Khalnayak among others, Ghai noted that there have been significant changes in the film world recently. “Earlier, the mainstream commercial films that we had made were truly ‘Indian’ in essence. Those were entertaining, artistically crafted with catchy music, but also conveyed messages. And mind it, those films had done wonders at the box office too.”

“Today, I have noticed, the commercial concerns and the overall approach to filmmaking have changed. Some for better, some for worse,” said the ace filmmaker.

While the film industry has become more professional, there has also been a notable lack in creativity, Ghai said.


“Though the industry has become a lot more professional, its creative power has reduced because of lack of spirituality and availability of high-tech tools,” said Ghai.

“From being a hands-on industry run by a strong one-man show, films today are a conglomeration of several hands and the work of many people. While this is really good as it brings professionalism to the industry, it takes away a lot of the magic of filmmaking too,” he added.


Image Courtesy: Desi Martini