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Suchitra Back With New Music Video ‘Anbulla Maan Vizhiye’

Suchitra New Music

Singer Suchitra is back after a break following the controversial Suchi leaks, and has released a new music video.  


The singer who was away in the U.S came back to Chennai, and according to a TOI report, has released Anbulla Maan Vizhiye. Suchi worked with upcoming guitarist, Naveen Samson, for the video. It is a rendition of the classic, Anbulla Maan Vizhiye which was originally composed by MS Viswanathan in 1965.

The Chinna Thamarai singer spoke in length about the latest track. She said, “Naveen Samson is quite popular in the alternative music circle. He plays at a lot of interesting, offbeat gigs and collaborates with a lot of singers, doing covers and original songs. I met Naveen through another musician-friend David Joseph, and he asked me if I was interested in doing a cover. Since the choice was left to me, I picked a song originally composed by the legendary MSV.”

She also added how she had performed the song a few years ago in London with singer-composer Aalaap Raju playing acoustic guitar for it. “Since then, I wanted to do a bossa-acoustic version of it.”


When asked how difficult it was to work on a classic, Naveen said it should be dealt with carefully. “So we thought of taking a retro genre and adding a unique texture to it. Suchi has this chillness in her voice that is very unique. We have tried a slow bossa nova kind of an arrangement to this. We have also not used any softwares like melodyne or autotuner. We sort of let the tiny flaws remain — almost as if to make it sound live,” he added. 

Watch it here: