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‘Sudani From Nigeria’ Actor Samuel Abiola Robinson Gets His Due, Says Not A Case Of Racial Discrimination

Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson, who starred in the Malayalam film Sudani From Nigeria, had recently alleged that he has been a victim of racial discrimination. Taking to social media, the 19-year-old actor, who is a popular actor in Nollywood, said that while he didn’t face racial discrimination violently or directly, he believed the producers had exploited him by paying less than Rs 5 lakhs for his lead role, a sum much lesser to what newcomers usually get paid (Rs 5-15 lakhs).


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Taking to social media last evening, Robinsons shares that the matter has been resolved and that it was a case of misunderstanding and miscommunication between him and the producers at The Happy Hours Entertainment.


“I previously ascribed racial discrimination to the treatment I had received but deeper enlightenment and explanation by The Happy Hours Entertainment make me believe that this was not a case of racial discrimination but a case of misunderstanding, miscommunication and misinformation. I would like to apologize to any person from Kerala who was offended by my previous statements. As this particular case is now confirmed to not be racial discrimination, I want to state that there is almost completely no racism in Kerala and I believe Kerala is one of the friendliest places in Asia for an African to visit,” he wrote. 

The actor also requested his fans to not direct any hate towards the makers Shyju Khalid, Zakariya, Sameer Thahir or anyone involved with the Happy Hours Entertainment, lauding them for handling the whole situation well.

“Before the controversy we were like family and in all families, there will be disagreements and miscommunication. This is normal and when resolved, it only strengthens the bond between family members,” he wrote.

Robinson will be donating a part of his payment towards The Red Card Anti-Racism education charity. His previous posts have since been deleted.

Feature Image: Deccan Chronicle