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Sujoy Ghosh Hints At Another ‘Kahaani’ With Vidya Balan

Director Sujoy Ghosh hinted that he may team up with Vidya Balan again for a third Kahaani film. He told Deccan Chronicle, “We did something unexpected in Kahaani four years ago and I know people expect another Kahaani from me and Vidya. We are going to tell another Kahaani. Hopefully this one will grip audiences’ mind the same way as the first film did.”

Sujoy Ghosh and Balan had teamed up for Kahaani (2013). Subsequently, the duo had a fallout. Later, Balan acted in Ghosh’s productions Te3n and Kahaani 2, which released a few days ago. Vidya Balan told the Indian Express, “We were not talking to each other due to, I don’t know, some kind of miscommunication. But I think with Sujoy and me that’s very understandable because we either get along famously or we don’t. So, we should just focus on today.”


Sujoy Ghosh said he was disappointed when she initially turned down a role in Kahani 2. However, he said he had made his peace with it, “It was unexpected but it wasn’t Vidya’s fault at all. We build all these unreasonable expectations from those close to us and set ourselves up for disappointment,”

Vidya Balan is currently filming for Begum Jaan, an adaptation of the 2015 Bengali film Rajkahini. Balan will play of a brothel’s madam. The film, directed by Srijit Mukherji, is during the 1947 partition era.